Economic independance & vocational training

We firmly believe that poverty strick-en young people and families can lead autonomous and self-deter-mined lives.

Achieving economic independence is a significant part of attaining this goal. CONCORDIA provides support through day care centers for children, counselling and professional coaching so parents can regain a foothold in the working world. In addition, we offer young people, who were previously unable to complete training due to personal difficulties, the opportunity to attend our vocational schools and complete work experience through our various social initiatives.

  • Vocational School

Through its long programme history, CONCORDIA has learned that deprivation of love, education and social support can make it difficult for teenager to re-connect to school in its mainstream form.

Our vocational school in Ploiești (Romania) provides young people who grew in care or in highly dysfunctional families with a second chance to education and learning a profession. Through an up to two years programme they can become backers, cooks or agriculture workers. The educational model combines theoretical subjects with vocational training and qualification in different professions. Both groups of students are supported by a multi-professional team of educators, psychologists and social workers.

More than 95 % of the pupils completed their education positively in the 2018/2019 school year.
  • Jobcoaching

Financial independence is the basis for a stable life and, beyond that, for healthy self-esteem and the opportunity for social inclusion. Families can only stay together permanently if financial security is guaranteed which is why it is particularly important to support young people and adults who struggle to find employment. CONCORDIA assists with the preparation of documents, helps with the search for training, and offers practical support in communicative and social skills to prepare for job interviews. In addition, CONCORDIA can also provide job placement for the youth under our care.

An important part of our offer is also the teaching of so-called life skills in order to stay in the job in the long term. Often young people do not know what it means to work in a team or it is difficult for them to respect appointments and working hours. Many also lack the right way to handle money. In our courses we try to teach such everyday skills.

  • Social Business

CONCORDIA developed several social businesses in Romania and Bulgaria. We intend to generate income (the business aspect), but more important (the social aspect) to provide young people who are about to leave care with a protected and encouraging environment where they can learn and practice a profession. At the same they learn and practice the whole range of soft skills an employment require and in one to two years can confidently move on the regular labour market.

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