• Suzanna and Diona from Moldova Suzanna and Diona from Moldova

When Diona gives birth to her daughter, she is just 17 years old. She names her little miracle Suzanna. It could have been a beautiful future for a young family.

But the father abandoned mother and daughter even before the birth. The young woman suddenly found herself in an almost hopeless situation. Responsibility for a new life - but no income, no education, no place to stay.

Diona could not expect any help from her parents, because she never met her father and her mother did not care. Diona was brought up by her grandmother, but she is now very old and ill and can no longer support her granddaughter.

Diona despaired, saw no future and wondered what was to become of her little Suzanna? Diona never wants to disappoint her little daughter the way she was disappointed by her parents!


Diona, 17 years from Moldova
"I was totally desperate. I couldn't earn money, had no job, no education and no place to live for me and my little Suzanna. We didn't know what to do next."

CONCORDIA gives the little family a perspective for the future

Our CONCORDIA staff member in Moldova discovered the two of them freezing on the street late at night and took them to our centre. She was lucky that there was still a room available. And so Diona finally found the support she needed to take good care of her daughter. The CONCORDIA team supported Diona to grow into her new role as a mother.

We provide Diona with healthy food so that she can breastfeed her little daughter and provide her with all the important nutrients. We provided baby clothes and nappies as well as hygiene products and accompanied them to doctor's appointments.

It was only at CONCORDIA that Diona managed to apply for a birth certificate for her daughter and lay the foundation for enrolment in kindergarten and a successful school education.

Now both are on a good path. Suzanna is a bright, happy and well-fed baby. Diona has started training as a hairdresser and has developed into a loving mother who wants to lead a self-determined life.

Successes like Diona's and Suzanna's are only achieved through your support!

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