Stiftung Sozialprojekte Concordia
Chollerstrasse 4
CH-6302 Zug

T +41 41 760 00 34

Company register number: CHE-475.415.930
Handelsregisteramt des Kantons Zug

Bank account: PostFinance
IBAN: CH36 0900 0000 1562 67856

Person responsible for use of donations: Dr. Bernhard Drumel
Person responsible for fundraising: Mag. Rainer Stoiber
Person responsible for privacy policy: DI Benjamin Heiligenbrunner

Concordia Social Projects undergoes the statutory audit of the annual financial statements.

There is no connection whatsoever between the Concordia Social Projects Foundation and the CONCORDIA Insurance Group (head office in Lucerne) together with the associated companies, foundations and associations.

For information on legal violations or questionable practices in connection with CONCORDIA Social Projects, please use the form for reporting violations (whistleblowing).

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