"Mummy what have you got for me to eat?"

When little Damian wakes up in the morning, he cries. "Mum, what have you got for me to eat?" Damian's family is destitute. Usually they only have porridge or noodles in milk. Damian and his sister are severely malnourished.

His father is very ill. He can only go to work on days when he feels strong enough. On bad days, he cannot even leave his bed. The mother takes care of Damian and his sister, tears come to her eyes as she tells us about her family's struggle to survive.

Damian is not yet three years old and, despite the constant hunger, he is a bright boy with blue eyes and blond hair.

No water and gnawing hunger

He lives with his family in a tiny, dilapidated house in Sinești, an abandoned poor settlement in the Republic of Moldova. In winter, they can only use one of the two rooms, because it is simply too cold in the other. Part of the roof is only supported by four beams. The family has covered the windows with foil to at least keep the wind out. But the biggest problem is that there is no water. All previous attempts to build a well have failed, because the house is on a hill and the groundwater is simply too deep. The next well is very far away.

Damian cannot go to kindergarten, the way is too far and the family cannot afford the fees for food and stationery.

Damian suffers a lot from the difficult living conditions. But at least when he plays, he can use a little imagination to recreate what he misses so much: food. With a few old bowls and spoons, he cooks his favourite dishes from mud porridge.

Already Damian's parents don't know how to feed their children. Now a food shortage is threatening the whole of Moldova.

Masha, Damian's mother, usually plants vegetables in the small garden in front of the house in summer. But due to the prolonged drought in recent weeks, the groundwater is drying up, wells are going dry and the crops are withering. The immense inflation rate of over 30 % makes it impossible for the family to provide for themselves.

In such cases, CONCORDIA helps quickly and directly. Our social workers have drawn up a plan to improve the children's living conditions. We provide the family with emergency packages of water, food and medicine. We will continue to support Damian's family in the future.

Please help us to provide Damian with a carefree and happy upbringing. Donate now!

Despite the abject poverty, Masha finds the strength to carry on every day. She is grateful for what they have and not bitter about what they lack. A remarkable attitude.

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