The forgotten children of Sofia

P. Markus Inama SJ records his memories of his time in Sofia in a book.

Building bridges and giving hope

Pater Markus Inama SJ went to Bulgaria in 2008 to build the day and social centre "Sveti Konstantin" for homeless children and young people for Concordia Social Projects. In his book "Giving hope a home. The forgotten children of Sofia" he tells about the small and big successes of this time, but also about the adversities he and his team had to fight with. The book draws a very personal portrait of life in the Bulgarian capital through touching stories and shocking biographies and illustrates the daily struggle against poverty.

Markus Inama
Der Hoffnung ein Zuhause geben
Die vergessenen Kinder von Sofia
Styria Verlag
Sales price: € 22,90
The book is available in Austrian bookshops or online here.
For each book sold, 2 Euros go to Concordia Social Projects.

  • Sozialzentrum Sveti Konstantin
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