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Inclusive education needs social anchoring

We are committed to ensuring that all children and young people can go to school every day, receive all necessary learning materials, clothing and a hot meal. Being encouraged to learn at home and being supported with homework is the best prerequisite for a successful school career. We therefore start not only with the children themselves but, in line with our holistic approach, with the parents or the family environment, working with teachers, partner organisations and decision-makers to ensure that children and young people find a respectful and encouraging environment while they are at school. We create bridges of collaboration between the education system and the social service system and provide examples of tailored education and vocational training pathways for children and young people from disadvantaged families and communities who have missed out on some years of formal education.

Educational opportunities give children and youth in need a perspective and help to fight the cycle of poverty in a sustainable way.

Elena Matache and Diana Certan National Directors Romania
„In Concordia we are firm believers that only through education we can break the poverty circle, in which children`s family that we work with are for entire generations. As such, education is transversal in all of our programmes - family type housing, day care centres for children and families in distress, in Concordia vocational and primary school and at a systemic level in our leadership role of Presidency of Coalition for Education in Romania.“

Breaking the cycle of poverty with education

Extreme poverty, neglect and discrimination mean that children in need are at risk of being excluded from educational measures. Educational opportunities give children and young people in need a perspective and help to combat the cycle of poverty in a sustainable way.

For children who cannot expect support from their families, it is a great challenge to choose and complete an education.

We therefore not only help them choose a school, but also accompany the children and young people and support them with both school-related and personal problems.

Concordia Social Projects offers accessible and appropriate educational projects. These include kindergartens, more than 25 after-school care centres, an integrative primary school, a vocational school and scholarships for educationally disadvantaged young people.

Our educational programmes

Concordia Edu-Campus in Romania

A very special project within the framework of our educational work is the Concordia Edu-Campus in Ploiesti. The campus is a unique example of inclusive education for children (6-11 years) or youth (14-18 years) in Romania.

The elementary school on the campus offers children from the surrounding neighbourhoods, where many families suffer from poverty and discrimination, a modern, stimulating and very creative learning environment.

The vocational school supports young people who have grown up in care.

The training model combines theoretical subjects with vocational training and qualification, in five different professions. Both groups of students are supported by a multidisciplinary team of educators, psychologists and social workers.

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