Continuous professionalisation through practical training for internal and external participants from the social sector.

CONCORDIA Academia is a centre for education and training in Romania and offers numerous courses for people working in the social, educational & socio-medical field. The courses are aimed at practitioners, leaders, HR strategists as well as professionals in the field of supervision, coaching and consulting services in organisational development with the aim of contributing to building growth capacities at individual, organisational and implicitly systemic levels.




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With its innovative training programme in the social field, CONCORDIA Academia builds a bridge between theory and practice and thus benefits numerous organisations, families and children. It makes an important and necessary civil society contribution to the professionalisation of the social sector in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova and to international professional exchange. Developed in 2014, the Academia can now look back on a wealth of experience in adult education and builds on a proven network of experts and specialists in the social sector, supervision and coaching.

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2022: New programmes, achievements and the importance of vision

The year 2022 was an important one for the organisation. Read here the milestones from the past year:

  • In autumn, Academia launched the final editions of this year's training programmes in supervision and management in social services, as well as five courses for practitioners in the social sector. One of these was aimed at professionals from the Republic of Moldova. 
  • The latest programme FLIP - Future Leaders International Programme ended with great success. Through this programme, 20 future leaders from six national offices of CONCORDIA, coming from the fields of social services, finance, communication, projects and fundraising, were trained over a period of six months. 
  • The FOCUS - Forward Looking Social Europe Skills project was also completed this year. This examined and explored key skills for professionals in the social sector from the perspective of the next decade, as well as opportunities for development and training at individual, organisational and systemic levels. 
  • Also this year, the Education Includes Opportunities Academy was completed, and a new methodology was developed to facilitate the school inclusion of severely vulnerable children.
  • 2022 brought the activation of the e-learning platform, which provides valuable resources for social professionals to network and collaborate. 
  • Academia also launched the scholarship programme, where private companies can purchase scholarships awarded by CONCORDIA Academia to professionals in the social sector. This will increase access to training programmes, supervision and coaching services. 
  • Currently, the Academia team is working tirelessly to accelerate social innovation and develop a new essential product: training for palliative care professionals.

Findings of the CONCORDIA Academia Impact Study

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