The CONCORDIA Bakery is a socio-economic project in Bucharest. The bakery has been in operation for over ten years and ties in with the vocational school in order to give the apprentices experience and knowledge of the world of work.

In addition to the permanent staff, six young adults are currently working in the bakery, who are being supported by CONCORDIA in their professional training. The baked goods are purchased by both companies and individuals. All income generated by the bakery benefits other CONCORDIA social projects.

The CONCORDIA bakery emerged as a social business at the crossroads between realizing an idea and covering a growing need to improve the chances of young people at risk of exclusion in the field of education and employment. With success.

Baker is a popular profession in Romania because, like in many European countries, bread is one of the staple foods in Romania. The demand for well-trained bakers is correspondingly high. In the CONCORDIA vocational school, disadvantaged young people can learn this profession and later earn their living with it.

The CONCORDIA bakery training is aimed at 18-25 year old young adults who have not yet successfully completed any training and who have difficulties integrating into the labor market due to multiple problems.

In 2021, over 130,000 products were sold and 70 different companies were supplied.

90% of our apprentices were successfully integrated into the labour market after completing their work training.
Results of the external impact study on the CONCORDIA bakery

Besides supplying all CONCORDIA facilities in Romania with bread, there are also many loyal customers such as kindergartens and schools to whom we deliver our products. Recently, thanks to a cooperation with IKEA, CONCORDIA baked goods are also available in IKEA shops in Romania.

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