Fighting poverty

We are constantly working to break the cycle of poverty for children and young people.

Poverty is unfortunately widespread in our project countries. While on average in the EU only about 7% of the population live in precarious conditions, in Moldova, for example, a quarter of the population is affected by abject poverty. The poverty rate of children in rural regions is even more dramatic, at almost 36%.

At CONCORDIA, we try to intervene as early as possible and break the cycle of poverty for children and young people. Our outreach workers actively go to the poorest regions of the countries, identify the most affected families and together with them create tailor-made plans for their further development.

Often, through our help, these families are able to meet their basic needs such as nutrition, adequate living conditions and medical care for the first time.

Our answer to poverty is education

We firmly believe that the cycle of poverty in which families find themselves over entire generations can only be broken sustainably through education.

Yet extreme poverty, neglect and marginalisation often lead to children being excluded from education. Covid-19 has further exacerbated the situation of many children and youth who were already at high risk of not having access to education.

Education is therefore an essential theme in all our programmes:

  • We create bridges of cooperation between the education system and the social service sector.
  • We work with teachers, partner organisations and policy makers to ensure that children and young people are provided with a respectful and encouraging environment.We work to ensure that all children are able to attend school every day, receive all necessary learning materials, clothing and a hot meal.
  • We provide examples of tailored educational pathways for those who have missed out on some years of formal education.
  • In line with our holistic approach, we start not only with the children themselves, but also with the parents or in the family environment.

Economic independence

Our important goal is that young people and families can lead an autonomous and self-determined life. Economic independence is a crucial part of this process.

CONCORDIA Social Projects supports with day care for children and counselling and vocational coaching for young people and adults. In addition, we offer young people who have not been able to complete an education due to personal difficulties the opportunity to attend our vocational school as well as a protected working environment in our socio-economic enterprises.

Reducing inequalities

In our project countries, we address structural and systemic inequalities. We develop concrete strategies and programmes to reach out to and support people who are marginalised in society.

We want to contribute to a fair society by helping to expose discriminatory practices and norms. In our project countries, CONCORDIA Social Projects is a strong partner that is always on the side of people in need.

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